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Criminal Defense

If you are arrested for a crime, the first and arguably the most important decision you have to make is deciding which criminal defense attorney to contact with your one phone call. It’s an easy decision. Call Powell Law at (800) 290-7707. Attorney Chris Powell is one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime, you should take it very seriously. A criminal prosecution can jeopardize your livelihood, cost you a lot of money and land you behind bars. If you’ve been arrested, you should be cooperative but DO NOT TALK to law enforcement authorities. As the Miranda warning accurately states, anything you say can and will be used against you. Tell the authorities you want to speak to a lawyer and call Powell Law. You have the right to remain silent and a constitutional right to legal representation.

The attorneys at Powell Law handle all types of criminal cases from summary offenses to major felonies in both the state and federal court systems. Examples would include drunk driving (DUI), disorderly conduct, assault, theft, drug crimes, white-collar crimes, fraud, tax evasion and murder. While you are entitled to represent yourself in any kind of criminal case, we strongly advise you to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Prosecutors have enormous powers and the stakes are simply too high to go it alone.

Usually, a criminal lawyer will charge a retainer fee to retain his or her services, and then bill hourly against the retainer. Your criminal defense lawyer at Powell Law will explain our fees and answer any questions you might have when you come in for your initial consultation.

If you’ve been charged with a crime and only have one phone call, make it count. Call the experienced attorneys at Powell Law at (800) 290-7707 now.

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