Parents With Young Passengers Must Not Text And Drive

As technology becomes increasingly intertwined with daily life, it creates significant benefits but new, serious risks. Humans may communicate and interact with family and friends from almost any location, but too often cross the line and allow this use of technology as a distraction at the risk of endangering loved ones. Recent research reveals that approximately half of all adults text while driving with children in the vehicle. All parents must recommit to avoiding texting and any other dangerous distraction.

The study, conducted by researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, indicates that one in three adults read text messages while driving and one in seven use social media while driving.

The study utilized an online sample of 760 adults in 47 states who had children between the ages of 4 and 10, collecting data over three months. The study focused on driving and phone usage, but also examined risky driving behaviors overall.

It is not uncommon for law enforcement officers to report they too regularly pass cars and vehicles with children as passengers where drivers are not looking at the road but staring at their phone intently. Sadly, these officers report that it is just as common on the interstate.

They also report that too many accidents occur that could have been completely avoided if drivers were paying attention to the road and not distracted by their phone. Because driving and texting is illegal, drivers involved in accidents rarely admit such use to officers responding to accidents.

Adults who admitted to cell phone usage were also more likely to drink and drive or not use seat belts. The research indicated a direct correlation between a history of driving under the influence and the increased likelihood of all types of cell phone use while driving with children in the car.

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Parents With Young Passengers Must Not Text And Drive

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