When May An Experienced Attorney Help In A Workers’ Comp Case?

The workers’ compensation system in Pennsylvania, like that in every state, was created to assist individuals who are injured or who become ill while working, or as a result of working. Workers’ compensation provides benefits that pay medical expenses and lost wages while an injured worker recovers from an accident or illness.

Most Pennsylvania employers are legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. For a worker to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, he must be accidentally injured while performing his job, or become ill as a result of performing his job.

However, not all injuries that occur at work may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. For example, if you cut your finger cutting a sandwich at lunch, your injury probably does not qualify for benefits. If you cut your finger in a warehouse while loading equipment, your injury likely qualifies.

Some workers’ compensation claims are more complicated than others. Some injuries that unequivocally qualify for benefits may involve a simple sprain, while others may involve circumstances that raise issues that must be resolved prior to eligibility. Nonetheless, certain situations may arise that make the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney indispensable. For example, pre-existing conditions may complicate claims, which often necessitates the assistance of a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney. The following are some examples:

  • If you require surgery. An attorney may help determine the fair reimbursement value when surgery and any recovery time is necessary.
  • If your injury impacts your future job performance.
  • If your injury prevents you from performing any work at all.
  • If any pre-existing conditions existed in the same part of the body, or if a claimant had pre-existing disabilities.
  • If a case is denied.
  • If a doctor releases a claimant before she feels ready to return to work.
  • If a claimant needs more medical treatment.

Many factors may influence the complexity of a case. It is not uncommon for seemingly insignificant injuries to cause a worker to be unable to return to the same job, which may be a point of serious contention by the employer’s insurer.

Insurance companies will rarely refrain from putting up any resistance when it may have to pay a worker’s salary until death. They have the resources to oppose a claim using the finest and experienced attorneys, investigators and experts, which require workers to do the same. Powell Law has been helping injured Pennsylvania workers in these situations for 115 years

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When May An Experienced Attorney Help In A Workers’ Comp Case?

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