The Timeline Of A Medical Malpractice Case: Part 6 – Litigating Or Mediating The Case

This is the continuation of an article discussing the events that occur in the timeline of a typical medical malpractice case. Today’s installment addresses litigating and settling the case once the lawsuit has been filed in a Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas.

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Once the parties file their complaint and answer, litigation begins, and the parties conduct “discovery,” a procedure whereby each party attempts to determine the other’s legal claims and defenses.

Discovery may consist of questioning parties and witnesses under oath in depositions, submitting interrogatories, or requesting documents to gain information. The discovery process may last for an extended time period, even more than a year, based on deadlines set by the trial court.

As the discovery period concludes, the parties will generally start to discuss settlement of the case. Simple negotiations between the attorneys may produce a settlement. In other cases, settlement may be a product of mediation, a process in which the parties agree to let a mediator attempt to settle the case.

If mediation fails, the court schedules the case for trial. The court may reschedule the trial and thereby delay the progress of the case which may present yet another opportunity for settlement. Anything is possible. A trial is time-consuming, but ultimately it will conclude with a jury verdict. If the jury renders a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, it will award compensation for the plaintiff’s damages.

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