The Timeline Of A Medical Malpractice Case: Part 1 – Hiring A Qualified Attorney

Medical malpractice lawsuits allow injured persons to seek and recover compensation for damages caused by the medical negligence of a medical professional. While there are specific, mandatory requirements for each medical malpractice case, no two medical malpractice suits are similar.

The primary requirements of a medical malpractice case include establishing the medical professional’s duty of care and that such professional’s action or omission was the proximate cause of the patient’s injuries.

What may be expected in a medical malpractice case?  The following series describes the timeline of these types of cases. To learn more about medical malpractice, including the determination of whether you may have such a claim, contact Powell Law for a cost-free and risk-free consultation.

Discovery of the Injury

At some point, a patient or former patient will experience pain, discomfort, or simply feel that something is unusual or “not right” as to health and well-being after some medical procedure. It is important to remember that a negative medical result does not unequivocally indicate that a healthcare provider has committed professional negligence – malpractice.

Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Once an illness or condition is discovered, whether by the patient or another medical professional, the cause of the injury must be determined. Was it the result of another medical professional’s act or omission? If so, was the medical professional’s conduct below the acceptable standard of care for such conduct?

Answering these questions requires the assistance and counsel of someone experienced and knowledgeable in evaluating medical malpractice cases. But this is just the beginning – medical malpractice cases involve numerous substantive and procedural law requirements, as well as complex medical issues and analyses. Therefore, hiring a medical malpractice attorney with the necessary expertise is crucial to success.

Powell Law’s attorneys have unmatched experience assisting individuals who have suffered damages caused by the negligence of medical professionals. James F. Mundy, Esq. has decades of experience litigating and settling medical malpractice cases. Call Powell Law today to learn more about whether you have a potential medical malpractice case.

At Powell Law, it is our goal to protect and assert our clients’ rights effectively. Powell Law’s attorneys have the necessary expertise and experience to evaluate whether you have a potential medical malpractice claim. Powell Law has an established 113-year-old reputation throughout northeastern Pennsylvania. Contact Powell Law at (570) 961-0777. The consultation is FREE, and you don’t pay unless we win!

The Timeline Of A Medical Malpractice Case: Part 1 – Hiring A Qualified Attorney

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