Does A Medical Malpractice Case Have To Be Filed Within A Certain Time Period?

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In Pennsylvania, any health care provider may be held liable for an act of medical malpractice. Any doctor, nurse, specialist, dentist, hospital, clinic, nursing home, and emergency care center that provides medical services meets the definition of “health care provider” under Pennsylvania law.

When anyone incurs damages as the result of an incident of medical malpractice, they must consider the applicable Pennsylvania statute of limitations, a statute that places some limitation on the right to sue and prescribes the maximum time after an injury-causing event that an injured party has to initiate legal proceedings.

A prospective plaintiff must file a medical malpractice lawsuit within two years of discovering the injury, or two years from the date that the injury reasonably should have been discovered. A party may not file any medical malpractice suit more than seven years after the date of the occurrence of the negligent act or omission, subject to an exception for minors.

Proving each element in a medical malpractice case typically carries a higher degree of difficulty than in other personal injury cases, thus necessitating the help of an attorney experienced in such litigation. James F. Mundy, Esq. is one of Pennsylvania’s most qualified and experienced medical malpractice attorneys.

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Does A Medical Malpractice Case Have To Be Filed Within A Certain Time Period?

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