Some Facts About Personal Injury – Every Case Is Unique

For 113 years, Powell Law has represented all types of personal injury victims in all types of personal injury cases. Every case is unique and this is demonstrated by the way the attorneys and staff at Powell Law give special and careful attention to each detail of a personal injury matter. We have the necessary expertise and experience to provide exceptional representation throughout the entire lifespan of your personal injury case. Call today and consult with an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney.

Each personal injury case contains the same fundamental steps. a review of the claim to determine if, and, to what extent, the elements of a claim are present, and then the filing of a civil lawsuit. However, personal injury claims differ depending on many factors including the type and cause of injury. Personal injury cases also vary in duration and whether they proceed to settlement or trial.

Most personal injury victims are primarily concerned with the amount of compensation. This will be determined by the specific circumstances of the case. Many questions whose answers will affect and distinguish the case must be posed, such as:

  • How severe are the injuries?
  • How permanent are the injuries?
  • Is there property damage?
  • Are their emotional injuries?
  • How far into the future will the victim require medical care?
  • Is there any loss of earning capacity?
  • Is there any basis for punitive damages?
  • How strong is the underlying proof of causation and damages?

Personal injury attorneys may affect a case based on their ability to:

  • successfully plan and strategize a case;
  • interview witnesses and gather evidence;
  • negotiate skillfully with attorneys and insurance companies;
  • calculate damages completely and accurately;
  • find the best expert witnesses;
  • persistently pursue every avenue and aspect of a case; and
  • see the big picture while proceeding to best protect their client’s interests.

The event, the victims, the alleged parties at fault, their attorneys are all some of the factors and variables that make a personal injury case unique and distinct from the rest. Powell Law’s attorneys exemplify the aforementioned abilities through years of experience and expertise to ensure that their clients receive the best legal representation possible. Powell Law’s unsurpassed qualifications make it an obvious choice for representation in a personal injury case in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. Contact Powell Law at call (570) 961-0777. The consultation is FREE. Our attorneys, past and present, have represented personal injury victims for 113 years. Call today!

Some Facts About Personal Injury – Every Case Is Unique

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