What Happens If I Need Medical Care After A Motor Vehicle Accident?

You’ve been hurt in an accident and you require medical attention immediately following the accident as well as in the days, even months ahead. Pennsylvania uses an “at-fault” system for paying automobile claims thus injured parties must try to settle with the at-fault party’s insurer or go to court and litigate to recover their damages. This may take many months and you have present and near-future medical expenses to pay, what do you do?

Symptoms of a serious injury are not always immediately visible. Pain, dizziness, and numbness may be signs of more significant injuries. Waiting to seek medical care because of your economic state places your health and well-being at higher risk. Also, the longer you wait after the car accident, the more difficult it will be to prove that any injuries you sustained were the result of the accident.

If you get into an accident, you are responsible for the payment of your medical bills just as you would be under normal circumstances. The at-fault party is not required by the law to pay your medical bills as they accrue. The at-fault party is only required to pay a judgment if one is rendered against him or her to resolve your personal injury lawsuit.

If you have health insurance coverage and you are injured in an accident, you can use your health insurance to pay for your medical treatment. Any reimbursement requirements related to your health plan can be resolved at the time the personal injury case is settled. Also, your auto insurance policy may have provisions (summarized on the Declarations page) dealing with medical payments as well as uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Drivers should add coverage to their policies in these three areas if not presently included.

What do you do if you get hurt in an accident and have no health insurance, who is going to pay for your medical treatment? You may be awarded compensation for your medical bills and other damages once your personal injury claim is resolved, but this may take a considerable amount of time, perhaps more than a few months, and medical bills must be paid currently. Depending on the circumstances, if you have no health insurance and were involved in an accident, you may be able to make payment arrangements with your health care providers or even use the negligent party’s medical payment coverage. Medicaid may even be an option.

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What Happens If I Need Medical Care After A Motor Vehicle Accident?

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