What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck injury suffered by motor vehicle drivers and passengers alike, generally following a rear-end collision. It also occurs from sports injuries, physical stress, and abuse, or even amusement park rides. While whiplash is generally considered a relatively mild condition, it may cause long-term pain.

What Is Whiplash?Accident victims must be careful since symptoms of whiplash may not appear immediately following an accident. Thus, it’s vital that victims pay special attention to any physical changes for some time period, at least a few days, following an accident.

Whiplash occurs when the neck muscles suffer a strain because of a rapid movement, like the crack of a whip, backward and then forward. Whiplash results when the soft tissues of the neck extend beyond their typical range of motion. The sudden movement causes the tendons and ligaments of the neck to stretch and tear, resulting in whiplash.

In motor vehicle accidents, the impact from the car striking the back bumper propels the driver’s and passenger’s bodies forward while their heads stay in place. When the neck and head are pulled in the same direction after another second, the sudden movement causes extreme extension and flexion, which causes injury to the soft tissues of the neck.

Whiplash and other hyperextension/hyperflexion injuries may occur from incidents other than motor vehicle accidents that cause damage to soft tissues. These include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents which do not involve a rear-end impact but still cause soft-tissue damage;
  • Contact sports injuries;
  • Skiing/snowboarding accidents;
  • Repetitive stress injuries at work;
  • Assaults;
  • Child abuse; and
  • Slip and fall accidents.

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