How Does an Insurance Company Come Up With a Settlement Value?

Joe from Hazelton asks, “How does an insurance company come up with a settlement value?” Hi, I’m Mark Powell, a Scranton attorney – Legally Speaking. These days, insurance companies rely almost exclusively on computer programs to evaluate damages in personal injury actions. These programs rely on statistical data on what other cases have settled for based upon someone’s injuries, their economic loss, and the degree of liability. The problem with this formula, however, is it’s not what juries do. Juries use their collective experience to award a fair and just verdict based on a variety of factors, including the liability in a case and the damages someone sustained as a result of someone’s wrongdoing. It’s imperative to rely on an experienced attorney to properly evaluate the settlement value of your case and the potential jury verdict that can be reached based upon the attorney and the attorney’s law firm collective experience.

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